Acid reflux treatment for heartburn

Acid reflux may cause many problems like heart burn, vomiting sensation, etc. These problems results in improper intake of food which causes weight loss. The acid reflux treatment for heartburn include preventing certain foods and changing some of the life habits like sleeping on the left side of your stomach which can show less symptoms of heartburn compared to that when you sleep on the right side of the stomach. Taking smaller meals frequently instead of few larger meals would also help both the children and the adults from the problem.

Sleeping immediately after a large meal is one of the main problems which causes acid reflux. The acid reflux treatment involves avoiding foods like fried rice, spicy foods, and beverages like alcohol, sodas etc., that can cause the burning sensation in the stomach as well as in the heart.

One should drink atleast 3 to 5 liters of water which can help reduce heartburn condition. If the problem is severe, you should consult your doctor for the acid reflux treatment for good medication as sometimes the problem may lead to surgery. Medicines like some stronger antacids - Mylanta II, Maalox II are also good for the acid reflux treatment.