Description of Acid reflux

A general description about acid reflux is the understanding of how that at the end of the esophagus, the lower part functions as a valve which prevents the stomach acids from travelling in an upwards direction. Now for some reason if this valve is weak then the stomach containing too much food or gastric juices causes this acid reflux also called Heartburn.

The best simple way of overcoming acid reflux is maintaining a proper diet. It is not advisable to take antacids to solve the problem even though there are available freely over the counter. In general to understand the whole situation in eliminating the cause is to observe that problem roots from eating too much food at dinner time.

A person suffering from acid reflux senses a pain rising in the chest like a burning sensation that may slowly travel up to the neck and jaw. Many people also call this “Heartburn” literally because of its heat sensation on the chest.

It has been observed for years that spicy food, beverages like coffee and many acidic fruits can aggravate acid reflux in the body. Therefore a patient having this issue should strictly avoid these in our daily.